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The names of the beneficiaries of ca. €10 billion of grants and other forms of support, awarded (in budgetary terms: 'committed') by the Commission every year, either directly or through 'executive agencies' set up to help it run EU funded programmes. The site also contains certain procurement contracts, excluding for the moment those linked to administrative expenditure of the Commission.

This information is separate from information on funds managed by EU or non-EU national governments or other parties on the behalf of the Commission.

The original site of the European Commission shows only lists of awarded amounts and beneficiaries - it does not provide amounts consolidated per country, budget line, etc. .

The original dataset can be found at EU Commission Financial Transparency System .

Browsing the Data

Browse the Data If you want to browse the data, please click here to select the knowledge base (http://fts.publicdata.eu/). After selection the "navigation box" module is visible on the left side providing links for navigation. This way, it is possible to get all EU funded projects of 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 or 2011 when selecting the class Commitment, for example.

Furthermore, it is possible to create your own SPARQL query using one of the following editors:

Example Query As an example you can click on the Example Query Button on the right. It creates a juxtaposition of project fundings, taken as a SUM from all FTS benefits in relation to year and country, and the corresponding gross domestic products (GDP) from DBpedia. It can be used to analyse the correlation of project funding with the GDP of countries, e.g. for policy decisions.

Ontology of FTS

This dataset (http://fts.publicdata.eu/) was triplified and published by the research group AKSW (Agile Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web) according the schema visualized in the folowing depiction:

Statistics about the dataset are republished on thedatahub.org.

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If you have further ideas or questions about this tool feel free to contact us at:
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For further information about AKSW please visit our website.

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